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Colonel D 17th October 2020 15.47:12

Wealdstone Fiasco
Just when you think it can’t get worse it does.
We’ve made them look like world beaters.

Wrexhm 1978 17th October 2020 15.56:06

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
It’s the fans fault. Unrealistic expectations. How can we expect to compete the powerhouses of Maidenhead and Wealdstone

Jumpersforgoalposts 17th October 2020 15.57:56

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Rob and Ryan will sort the mess out !!

Midwest Express 17th October 2020 16.02:17

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Wow. Fiasco is putting it mildly. Poor defending killed us and Keates should have changed it up in the second half. Inexcusable.

WV1 17th October 2020 16.04:57

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
The fact people are not surprised we didn’t win tells the whole story.

Really, really sad state of affairs

dlrwrexham 17th October 2020 16.05:59

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
I'm usually more patient than some, but I have no faith in DK. What I've seen so far this season, is like a replay of his first spell in charge. Same formation, same pragmatic choice of personnel and the same turgid, disorganised 'football'. Lightening might not strike twice, but shit sure does!.:(

Ooh aah Paskin 17th October 2020 16.06:37

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
What's more infuriating is we should have won both of the last games if we were serious about promotion. And be sitting at the top right now..

OneLoveWrexham 17th October 2020 16.07:10

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Disgraceful performance and far far worse than Mondays. This squad is nowhere near as good as people make out and then chuck in our inept management team. We have just gone away to relegation fodder with no strikers on the bench and got played off the park, really really embarrassing for all involved.

The Method Maws 17th October 2020 16.08:04

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco

OneLoveWrexham 17th October 2020 16.11:52

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
And did Jarvis achieve any more than what Rutherford did?

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