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-luke 11th November 2020 07.26:43

Pryce Griffiths
Seen comments reporting that Pryce Griffiths has passed away. No matter your opinion, was a man who presided during a period of our history which had some successes to show and if nothing else a human, a man with a family and a red so time to show some respects. RIP (Awaiting confirmation)

MrBoss 11th November 2020 07.42:21

Re: Pryce Griffiths
He was my nannas cousin came to both my grandparents funerals. Only had the chance to meet him once when I was stewarding we spoke about family he seemed nice l. Sad that he passed away RIP Pryce if true

wafc1926 11th November 2020 08.18:09

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Sad news.

Ddraigoch 11th November 2020 08.19:42

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Sad news, condolences to his family. RIP Pryce

Dai83 11th November 2020 08.36:35

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Deepest condolences to his family.

RHYLRED 11th November 2020 08.41:30

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Met him a couple of times via Vale Of Clwyd Reds, seemed a nice chap. RIP (If confirmed) Mr Griffiths.

dragonspark 11th November 2020 08.48:15

Re: Pryce Griffiths
i knew Pryce i knew his family, good mates with a nephew, i find it hard to believe that he could ever do something to the detriment of Wrexham FC, there are posts in here which say he did, if correct i am dismayed, i have always refused to believe he could harm the club and hope that the faith i have always had for him is founded, sometimes we can be proved wrong but i knew him as a Wrexham supporter to another supporter he always seemed genuine to me, to the end of his reign he had personal problems and i know he put a lot of money into the club, Pryce thankyou for your time at the club.

Ugolini 11th November 2020 09.48:11

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Very sad news.

chesterrobin 11th November 2020 10.18:18

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Very sad. A man who loved and put his heart into Wrexham Football Club. He would have been very excited about the proposed takeover. RIP.

wazzock 11th November 2020 10.39:59

Re: Pryce Griffiths
Weirdly, he was on a Shearings coach trip to Eastbourne some years ago. We had a chat about the football club, and it was obvious to me that he felt real pain about how things had unfolded.

He may not have always been 100% correct in his choices, but Wrexham was a better club for his involvement.


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