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bowler 17th November 2020 19.10:42

Still Dreadful (0-1 Hartlepool away win!)
It's the same old rubbish have we got to stand for this garbage any longer. It's time to empty the bathwater tonight and send the Keates brigade down the plughole.

Pieman 17th November 2020 19.16:51

Re: Still Dreadful
Weve just scored ha

bowler 17th November 2020 19.22:47

Re: Still Dreadful
[QUOTE=Pieman;2409464]Weve just scored ha[/QUOTE]

There you go read my post😉

Pieman 17th November 2020 19.29:41

Re: Still Dreadful
[QUOTE=bowler;2409469]There you go read my post😉[/QUOTE]

Plenty of time to mess it up

totesey2 17th November 2020 19.56:35

Re: Still Dreadful
A win but only just, All them at the end but thankfully they were worse than us in scoring.

OneLoveWrexham 17th November 2020 19.57:40

Re: Still Dreadful
3 points closer to safety, the quicker these clowns get sacked the better.

Hometown Unicorn 17th November 2020 19.58:35

Re: Still Dreadful
2nd half we were much better, actually looked okay.

Still want Keates gone mind.

benwilliams 17th November 2020 19.59:13

Re: Still Dreadful
Any win is a good win with these players and management team so well done lads!

Dai83 17th November 2020 20.01:04

Re: Still Dreadful
The win is great, but the sooner these lads get better coached the sooner we might see some improvement. Hard work that, but I'd take it tonight.

Travis Bickle 17th November 2020 20.06:22

Re: Still Dreadful (0-1 Hartlepool away win!)
3 points and a clean sheet, that will certainly help our cause in January when we'll loan a young goal scorer and creative midfield dynamo from Premier league clubs.

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