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moynkeepthefaith 19th November 2020 11.17:37

Re: Highlights vs Hartlepool
[QUOTE=benwilliams;2410016]I imagine a lot of reaction normally is for the fans' purposes. Whilst there is a certain professional pride in delivering results I doubt players naturally would celebrate as vigorously as we as fans with an emotional connection would do.[/QUOTE]

You may be right Ben but i have seen a few teams over the years come to Wrexham and celebrate and have always thought they looked like a group enjoying their football and at one with their manager. Orient springs to mind and the late Justin E.

totesey2 19th November 2020 12.28:00

Re: Highlights vs Hartlepool
A better team would have punished us, Lucky to get 3 points, Lainton again shaky on corners and crosses.

All times are WMT (Wrexham Mean Time). For non-town viewers the time now is 16.53:23.

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