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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

Originally Posted by Corner Flag View Post
Anyone worth anything goes looking for a job if out of work not just sit arround waiting for offers of work to come to them !
You realise there's a very limited pool of jobs in football management, right?
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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

Originally Posted by harrypothead View Post
Just going to throw this name out there, as I know he did a great job at our level, is always professional about how he sets up his teams regarding training etc. And would tick a lot of boxes for the documentary. He is at a club now that is struggling financially, and he is someone I'd be happy with here. That person is Sol Campbell.

There are also other ex premier league players that would be good for the documentary, with Robbie Fowler being one of them. If Peter Moore comes in the Fowler would be a possibility. The Cowleys have done well with Lincoln yes, but are they big names that would intrest the general public to tune in and watch ot on the tv. With a big name like Campbell or Fowler, people from all over the world would be interested in tuning in and seing how they do.

Cowleys would be best for footballing reasons but to put us out there and to get people interested in us we will need a big name, and someone who played at the very top.
Sol Campbell ?? Bloody hell, R&R will need to fund a new entrance to get the blokes ego through the door !!
Hope the Cowley's will be top of any future list though, salary probably a bit of a issue but they might well fancy "the challenge"
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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

Originally Posted by michaelps View Post
I would love the Cowley's and we are right to aim high.
Suppose if you don't ask you don't get.
But (i) I would be staggered if after the jobs they have done at Braintree, Lincoln and Huddersfield they would come and manage at our level. They will be looking at Championship level or even a Fulham/WBA/Burnley type Premiership job if those sort of clubs get rid of their current managers.
Also on what I have heard (I do a little legal work for a football agent client) about the salary they were on at Huddersfield it's not realistic either.
Without posting the figure I've heard as it was implicitly said to me in confidence it will be more than most think it is and I was told last season the Cowley's were on a higher salary than any other Championship manager other than Bielsa; and higher than some Premiership managers.
I'd love it but I think that is dreaming to be honest.
There not now are they ?
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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

But in terms of expectations of salary and level to manage at they will be thinking along those lines I'm sure.
Also bear in mind it's quite possible (I don't know this but it's quite possible) as a term of the settlement package with Huddersfield that the Cowley's are currently subject to restrictive covenants meaning they can't take another job at the moment.
That's quite common when football managers leave these days; I know it was a term when Pocchetino left Spurs and also I believe the 2nd time Mourinho left Chelsea.
I'd love it if we got them it would be brilliant. But I can't see it
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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

No chance
What are your chances of getting out of here with that jacket on?
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