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Colonel D 21st November 2020 16.57:38

Good Win (Aldershot at home)
Well we ground it out but 3 points and another clean sheet

moynkeepthefaith 21st November 2020 16.59:36

Re: Good Win
On our way to being a ‘force’

wrexhamrob 21st November 2020 16.59:38

Re: Good Win
Keep winning 1-0 nervous but effective
Win 30 more games 1-0= promotion ����

WV1 21st November 2020 17.00:20

Re: Good Win
Every win counts.

Think there’s the basis of a decent team here, just need more quality in the attacking areas.

welshian 21st November 2020 17.01:14

Re: Good Win
Dont mind a few boring one nils now, as long as we are competing when the take over is signed Ill be happy. We can get rid of this useless manager and his band of idiots asap.

Liverpool Red 21st November 2020 17.01:23

Re: Good Win
Dreadful game to watch but a win nonetheless. No surprise our ‘goals for’ column is one of the worst in the division.

spuderz123 21st November 2020 17.01:49

Re: Good Win
Keates leaving us in a good position for the Cowley's to take over, fair play to him.

Luke Young is boss isn't he

ianmoir 21st November 2020 17.02:21

Re: Good Win
But only one point from a playoff place

Dai83 21st November 2020 17.02:53

Re: Good Win
Luke Young is head and shoulders above anything in this squad.

I've give Kwame some stick, but he played the target man role fairly well, where his partner Ponticelli continues to look very poor and should of been hooked after 50mins.

Stick around the play offs until Keates gets the boot is all I ask.

redone 21st November 2020 17.02:53

Re: Good Win
2 shots on goal

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