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feedmetilliwantnomore 30th December 2020 17.54:10

Licensing application
Took a run earlier and noticed as I was passing Cae Ras that the club have made an application to change the licence on the club shop to include an off licence. I presume it's to allow the sale of Aviation gin.

138+NotOut 30th December 2020 18.04:39

Re: Licensing application
Makes sense. They still have a shop in the Turf? Couldn't that be used too?

dagg 30th December 2020 18.28:10

Re: Licensing application
[QUOTE=138+NotOut;2423205]Makes sense. They still have a shop in the Turf? Couldn't that be used too?[/QUOTE]

Don't think they have access to it anymore .

fluffysheepsupporter 30th December 2020 18.49:43

Re: Licensing application
Bet you Wrexham Lager would be interested in another outlet.

fezbob 30th December 2020 19.08:12

Re: Licensing application
The notice has been up there a little while so could be completely unrelated.
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redknight 30th December 2020 19.10:43

Re: Licensing application
Thought we sold the Wrexham larger gift sets in there?

Funny_Old_Game 30th December 2020 19.10:45

Re: Licensing application
They are going to make sure everyone is pissed going into the ground, best way really.
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Wrexham's Patrick Bateman 30th December 2020 19.13:45

Re: Licensing application
License to play half decent football would be good.

cynprifathro 30th December 2020 19.14:52

Re: Licensing application
Keates & co plus Spencer & co are enough to drive many loyal supporters to drink!

moynkeepthefaith 31st December 2020 05.48:37

Re: Licensing application
New product to be launched to match our attacking formation - DK Sloe Gin ....

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