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Rob 6th January 2021 12.14:24

Covid cases at club
[I]"We've had two cases. One is OK now after having all the symptoms but not severe. The second one was a lot more severe with his symptoms," Keates said.

"He did not sound the best when I spoke with him. It's hit him for six.


Hope they all recover fully.


Dai83 6th January 2021 12.25:25

Re: Covid cases at club
Yep all the best lads with your recovery.

-luke 6th January 2021 12.27:45

Re: Covid cases at club
"If we tried it and we went for two or three weeks the season would need to be extended on the back end of that.

"What you are also looking at is play-off fixture dates and ultimately the play-off final at Wembley. Does that need moving around?

"Is it one of those where they pull the final from Wembley and find a neutral ground in the middle of the country?"

- don't think he needs to focus on the playoffs at this time

KingBuxton_Forever red 6th January 2021 12.28:31

Re: Covid cases at club
Grim. It really is everywhere at the moment and seems to be impacting us alot closer to home this time round (for those of us in North Wales.)

All the best to whoever has it. Sure we will find out in due course.

WxmWynno 6th January 2021 14.25:00

Re: Covid cases at club
Hope they recover swiftly and yes, it’s very close to home now.
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