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Apathetic 18th August 2021 20.04:02

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
Wow, wasnít good enough for a struggling Cefn Druids when on loan. Letís hope our new goalkeeper coach has seen something. Very surprised we havenít got a keeper on loan like we used to. Bachman, Foster etc did well here. Had a few dodgy loan ones also mind you.

joe 18th August 2021 20.11:26

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
This is concerning if you ask me.

pricey 18th August 2021 20.32:27

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
Christ it's like groundhog day.

Bobby Grant to extend for another 12 months too?

marathonplny 18th August 2021 20.34:48

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
This is so strange. He’s never been good enough

JonesRed 18th August 2021 20.48:06

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
Where's Mayebi when you need him!

Back of the Kop 18th August 2021 20.48:36

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
If Lainton doesn't start Saturday prepare for our usual 1-0 defeat at Solihull.

Only thing that can save us is that we have strikers this season.

But seriously, to be going into the first game with Dibble in goal,a makeshift defence and usual gutless midfield as per last season is really unnacceptable after 9 weeks to get us prepared.

REDJB 18th August 2021 21.27:37

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
Have we got a physio to treat these players yet?

Bissell 18th August 2021 21.38:43

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
Completely puzzled.

Why offer him something? He canít challenge dibble and isnít good enough to be starting for us.
I thought we were going to sign the best players??

Bissell 18th August 2021 21.45:15

Re: Szczepaniak signs on
[QUOTE=joe;2501684]This is concerning if you ask me.[/QUOTE]

Alarm bells are ringing.

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