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redknight 6th September 2021 13.21:06

Re: Fanhub
Priceless haha

Mikeoxlongred 6th September 2021 15.10:39

Re: Fanhub
Anyone got a golden ticket code for it?

redknight 6th September 2021 17.43:50

Re: Fanhub

it was a limited code I think

BuckleyDerbyRob 6th September 2021 17.48:50

Re: Fanhub
[QUOTE=-luke;2510912]Same. I was shocked by the complete lack of drawers, antique or otherwise.[/QUOTE]

Any decent chests?

Cookie 7th September 2021 10.02:28

Re: Fanhub
[QUOTE=Mikeoxlongred;2511026]Anyone got a golden ticket code for it?[/QUOTE]

I had a look on twitter and got one. Not sure what I'm meant to do on the app though...

redknight 8th September 2021 21.24:57

Re: Fanhub
Golden ticket

MichaelP 12th September 2021 22.08:47

Re: Fanhub
I was in queue position 387 then went to 300 then got email from Harley asking me to put a post on social media about asking for golden ticket . I thought I will just wait til queue goes down to 0.

I then get a notification through the app with golden ticket code. I used it and am now in.

But now I am thinking of deleting it as it seems a load of crap

Rob 12th September 2021 22.18:48

Re: Fanhub
Are fans being asked to hype to make someone rich off other peoples content?

There are some seed funding docs etc out there that give an insight to the model and competitor they want to emulate.

MichaelP 14th September 2021 13.42:17

Re: Fanhub

just received this golden ticket code just this minute for the next 20 fans if you are interested in getting in save waiting for queues.

Anyone enjoying this app?

louisleftboot 14th September 2021 13.43:32

Re: Fanhub
What actually is it? Like Rob said, seems like a way for free users to make someone else money.

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