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Vorporix 12th September 2021 09.26:26

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
[QUOTE=crazywelsh;2513720]I read that myself and thought wtf is that original comment actually meant to mean! Iím still not actually sure now in all honesty.

As for the group Iv never even heard of them, is the saith seren actually full of these type of individuals? Iv never actually been in there but I have done abit of reading around the individual posting the SHAG magazine, I donít actually understand what on Earth the point in it actually is. Itís just some guy writing about being on the dole and going to games which in all honesty thereís no real harm whatsoever.

Why do people feel the need to mix football and politics, thereís no link whatsoever to the current day football culture and politics. Yes the game was started by working classes, supported by the working classes until it followed suit with American football and spiralled out of control financially in the higher tiers. But my point is that for 90 minutes it should be an escape from the problems outside of the stadium and a time to forget even if it is a brief 90 minutes about the issues outside the stadium.

Itís using something large in scale and trying to attach their own political agenda onto the club, even if you are a socialist it doesnít mean you should naturally agree with this it 100% should have no attachment to the club and shouldnít be allowed to happen at the club. The Palestinian flags etc can you imagine the reaction if someone else put Israel flags up just to get the same reaction as these idiots. We donít need that press coverage at all and this is what was allowed under 9 years of crap.

We are a bigger club now, we have world wide coverage and huge sponsors with international status.

If Ap Daffydd wants to be a socialist thatís his choice but what does that have to do with Wrexham football club, personally I canít see any affiliation whatsoever.

The club should put to all members a vote one which will actually be enforced, that the club has no connection to any political figures or groups, including Remembrance Day. Iím a former soldier and Iíd happily accept the club having no affiliation with anything aslong as it meant the club would be free of politics,[B] people pushing their politics and using the club as a pedestal[/B].[/QUOTE]

Because they would have no audience otherwise - it's the same reason those on the far right and far left try to infiltrate mainstream political parties.

Cymro 12th September 2021 13.57:14

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
[QUOTE=crazywelsh;2513696]Wtf is this thread!

For starters keep all political ideology out of the club. Was there any need to go up and put any flag up at all just for some coverage of some, pathetic small minded idiots who havenít got an ounce of intellect between them to put some political flags up just to get some likes on Twitter.

We shouldnít even be giving them coverage.

Each to their own with their views, but because nobody really cares about Wrexham partisans and nobody will even look at their Twitter they link it to the football club so they can throw a few hashtags and include the club, the league sponsor will also see it as will our actual sponsors.

[B]I donít care if your left wing, right wing or centre.[/B] Thatís the persons view and they are more than welcome to state that they are from this town BUT their view has absaloutly nothing to do with this football club at all.

If those idiots spent more time in work, or actually went to work they wouldnít want everyone to be under commie or socialist rule because letís face it most die hard people with political views havenít got a pot to piss in thatís why they have that mindset, pure jealousy. Or they are completely oblivious to life.

I hate seeing any form of politics within the club, massive victory putting some flags up for a response Ö bunch of clowns![/QUOTE]

Oh, I think you do :)

Quadrophenia 12th September 2021 14.24:06

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
What's great about that massive banner on the kop is that they cant put up any of their flags.

crazywelsh 12th September 2021 17.47:44

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
[QUOTE=Cymro;2513924]Oh, I think you do :)[/QUOTE]

I donít want any of it involved in the club.

It isnít relevant that some idiot wants to be a socialist so they direct it at the club.

If it were some Neo nazi skinheads there would be an outcry amongst most of you, I donít think politics have any place in football and if after 9 years of political dogma affiliated with the club ie constitutions itís obvious to pretty much every fan itís a load of shit3.

Birdy 12th September 2021 22.28:20

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
[QUOTE=Quadrophenia;2513943]What's great about that massive banner on the kop is that they cant put up any of their flags.[/QUOTE]

It would make an immense water slide.

dragonspark 13th September 2021 05.47:33

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced
to deface a Welsh dragon flag with political embelishments is blasphemy

Ugolini 13th September 2021 16.04:39

Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

So if we become a totally independent country does that mean that Cardiff Swansea Newport and Wrexham have to join the Welsh League? We'll be proper foreigners then!

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