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stevie focks 12th September 2021 21.42:09

Cod almighty
[url=]Cod Almighty - the Grimsby Town fanzine[/url]

TheRealWelshWayne 12th September 2021 21.44:59

Re: Cod almighty
Are you haddocking a laugh?

Huffy 12th September 2021 21.49:38

Re: Cod almighty
That'll cause a stink !! ;)

-luke 12th September 2021 21.50:35

Re: Cod almighty
Absolute dogshit... Another online silly billy who thinks their opinion is entertaining

Mr Waldo 12th September 2021 21.54:21

Re: Cod almighty
Trying just a bit too hard with the journalistic jingo lingo there. Reads like a university writing project and graded about C+.

Alan Attack 12th September 2021 22.07:35

Re: Cod almighty
It’s just a bit of fun.

LMH23 12th September 2021 22.12:36

Re: Cod almighty
The most hurtful thing is the lack of effort, honestly.

JonesRed 12th September 2021 22.13:07

Re: Cod almighty
One of the most biased one sided articles I have read in my life!

God, the vast majority of National League teams hate us.

Isn't time that we have some good fortune on the back of 14 years of turmoil down here.

Anyway, it's a shame that they aint on FIFA!!

WXMWELSH85 12th September 2021 22.26:03

Re: Cod almighty
Its only abit of fun - Probably on here pissing himself at the bites.

Anyway funny Songs for Shaun Pearson

- Your just a shit Fat Boar Driver
- Fat Boar Reject

dragonspark 13th September 2021 05.55:18

Re: Cod almighty
there you go, bitter jealousy served on a plate of innuendo, nobody likes us and we dont care, ner ner

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