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Ooh aah Paskin 13th September 2021 09.52:54

Next 3 Games
Well, its looking like the next 3 games will give us a true indication of how we are bedding in as a team, what we feel our chances should be and also a look at our rivals.

Grimsby away is going to be a very tough game. They are also unbeaten, played a game less and ahead on points.
I have concerns about what our midfield will look like tomorrow night. If we can be competitive in the middle i feel we will stand every chance of getting something out of it. A draw wouldn't be a disaster in this game and probably would be seen as a good result.
Though Grimsby seem to be scoring for fun, they also seem to be shipping goals so this could be a classic goal fest. Or 0-0.

Dagenham at home looks a potential banana skin. We struggled to put our authority against Woking who admittedly probably thugged us out of our regular gameplan.
I feel Dagenham will allow us to play more football and this could be an entertaining game. They are early pacesetters but that win at Stockport aside, i don't get the feeling they have set the world alight yet.
We need to be winning our home games and this is no different.

Then away at Stockport, our original biggest threats for the title. They have started poorly but that means nothing in this league. A big and hostile crowd expected, it will be interesting to see how this affects the players for both teams. If we start well, will their fans get on their players backs and crumble? if they start well, will we be up against it?
poor start aside, they are a strong team. They may be a bit toothless at the moment up front but they still have dangerous players in Madden, Reid and Rooney. Again a draw would be a good result here, but we could possibly get that much desired win.

Overall, out of these three tough games if we can come out of them with 5 or 6 points i think i would take that.

Wrexy 13th September 2021 09.56:16

Re: Next 3 Games
Despite being light in midfield I fancy us to win at Grimsby especially if Pearson plays and we can exploit his lack of mobility.

D&R is a toughie, as is Stockport. I'd take a draw in each.

Coming out of this run with our unbeaten record intact will be an achievement.

WREX01 13th September 2021 09.59:07

Re: Next 3 Games
Pearson and Waterfall at the back - I would definitely be playing McAlinden behind Mullin and Hyde for this one.

JonoWafc 13th September 2021 09.59:40

Re: Next 3 Games
Honestly i'd be happy with 4 points. We're probably due a loss, and with a depleted midfield I can see Grimsby winning tomorrow

We have to beat Dags at home before a very tough game at Stockport where I think a draw would be a good result.

Wrexhamforever95 13th September 2021 10.01:50

Re: Next 3 Games
I feel like these are the games where the lack of real quality in midfield will show. Possibly without Davies too. The squad is more than capable at the back & upfront.. but see us really struggling these 3 games.

Prodigal Dragon 13th September 2021 10.05:19

Re: Next 3 Games
My original, conservative thoughts were draws against Grimsby and D&R, and a defeat at Stockport. Hopefully, we’ll do better than that, but all 3 games will be difficult. There are, after all, no easy games in this league, but some are easier than others.

Again, it’s going to hinge on how our midfield copes. With one certain change for Tuesday, and Davies trying to shake off his strain, we will see some new faces at Grimsby. Probably McAlinden for Davies, and with either Jarvis or Redmond on the bench, unless PP does something radical and play Tozer, French or Cleworth as the holding midfielder.

Main thing is to go to Grimsby looking for a win, and use that and the deserved Woking victory to launch a winning run. Fingers crossed!;)

Back of the Kop 13th September 2021 10.05:38

Re: Next 3 Games
All 3 teams will have top 6 ambitions so these 3 are the real acid test.

Be delighted with 5-6 points

WXMWELSH85 13th September 2021 10.10:32

Re: Next 3 Games
Cant see Davies and Lennon (defo not starting) playing
So id imagine it will be

French - Hayden - Tozer - Cleworth - Rekord
Macaliden - Redmond
Mullin - Hyde

Dibble Lennon Jarvis Green Angus

shimosays 13th September 2021 10.12:51

[QUOTE=WXMWELSH85;2514233]Cant see Davies and Lennon (defo not starting) playing
So id imagine it will be

French - Hayden - Tozer - Cleworth - Rekord
Macaliden - Redmond
Mullin - Hyde

Dibble Lennon Jarvis Green Angus[/QUOTE]

James Jones?
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