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CosmicCol 13th September 2021 14.41:16

Grimsby Tickets. - confused
When I ordered these on line last Thursday it seems to suggest that these will be sent by post??.....but as of yet not received anything...

Does any one know what the position is with these ?

Thanks for any help..

wonderboy 13th September 2021 14.44:50

Re: Grimsby Tickets. - confused
Ring there clubshop and explain, seen people picking up the tickets there

Superunknown 13th September 2021 15.03:41

Re: Grimsby Tickets. - confused
Honestly I don't think they'll arrive in time for a fair few. If possible I'd go to the club shop tomorrow and try and get them sorted.

My mate went on Saturday to pick ours up and he said they were sending them out first class today. Cutting it very fine imo.

crispin 13th September 2021 15.08:54

Re: Grimsby Tickets. - confused
I spoke to Geraint earlier & he was very helpful as always. Need to collect tickets from the club shop by 12pm tomorrow or they can be picked up at Grimsbys ticket office tomorrow night

Penarth66 14th September 2021 10.58:26

Re: Grimsby Tickets. - confused
I have a spare which I can send by email if wanted

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