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JonoWafc 13th September 2021 22.42:30

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=thedischunter96;2514650]She just needs to be ignored. The more people interact and talk about her (like we are on here now) the more publicity she’ll get. If they ignore her she will give up.[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure someone who moves from America to Wrexham and buys a season ticket on the exec box and goes to every away game because Reynolds bought a football club is the type to give up to be fair

countryboy 13th September 2021 22.57:33

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Jesus...Thought we where on about dangerous dougie again then

wonderboy 13th September 2021 23.42:55

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=countryboy;2514657]Jesus...Thought we where on about dangerous dougie again then[/QUOTE]

Don’t worry he’s not far behind her

VivaPlasVegas 14th September 2021 00.49:53

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Is it probably best we don't discuss it? It's not funny, it's not to to the benefit of the club, it's generally a poor show.

She needs help and to be starved of the oxygen of publicity.

dragonspark 14th September 2021 04.35:20

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
apart from this being some sort of wind up, god forbid if a bloke was writing something like she is, wheres all the wokey dokey soy boys now

moynkeepthefaith 14th September 2021 05.54:31

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Maybe someone should write to Fleur ?

Dougie Davies 14th September 2021 06.31:54

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=moynkeepthefaith;2514671]Maybe someone should write to Fleur ?[/QUOTE]

Geraint told someone via email the club are aware of this individual

MJ6987 14th September 2021 06.44:15

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Surely this is a character created for a storyline in the documentary?

Flintshire Red 14th September 2021 06.46:27

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Close thread what's the point in this discussion again

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