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countryboy 13th September 2021 22.57:33

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Jesus...Thought we where on about dangerous dougie again then

wonderboy 13th September 2021 23.42:55

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=countryboy;2514657]Jesus...Thought we where on about dangerous dougie again then[/QUOTE]

Don’t worry he’s not far behind her

VivaPlasVegas 14th September 2021 00.49:53

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Is it probably best we don't discuss it? It's not funny, it's not to to the benefit of the club, it's generally a poor show.

She needs help and to be starved of the oxygen of publicity.

dragonspark 14th September 2021 04.35:20

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
apart from this being some sort of wind up, god forbid if a bloke was writing something like she is, wheres all the wokey dokey soy boys now

moynkeepthefaith 14th September 2021 05.54:31

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Maybe someone should write to Fleur ?

Dougie Davies 14th September 2021 06.31:54

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=moynkeepthefaith;2514671]Maybe someone should write to Fleur ?[/QUOTE]

Geraint told someone via email the club are aware of this individual

MJ6987 14th September 2021 06.44:15

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Surely this is a character created for a storyline in the documentary?

Flintshire Red 14th September 2021 06.46:27

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Close thread what's the point in this discussion again

northwalian dragon 14th September 2021 06.50:16

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=wonderboy;2514660]Don’t worry he’s not far behind her[/QUOTE]

I hope you don't mean that literally!

Kean Deats 14th September 2021 07.03:49

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Ive been told north wales police are after her, over spent visa.

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