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wonderboy 13th September 2021 20.30:33

STALKER (Part 2)
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Original thread was closed.

Did anyone see her at the game on Saturday ?

Her recent Instagram post on Tyler French, makes me wonder why haven’t the club banned her yet

dixienormous 13th September 2021 20.34:26

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
She's mental. Needs help, quick.

duncandog 13th September 2021 20.35:52

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
That’s mad stuff. Needs sorting

GoJohnnyGoGoGoGo 13th September 2021 21.02:15

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
It was inevitable she would progress to the players. She needs a banning order right now.

She also needs appropriate mental health care of course, but that is essentially a separate matter.

JonesRed 13th September 2021 21.29:42

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
I cant lie, I don't have a clue about who this stalker is.

Can anyone enlighten me?

ABd 13th September 2021 21.40:04

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
Oh heck.. Tyler French in the crosshairs now.

TheRealWelshWayne 13th September 2021 21.41:05

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
She's trying to provoke a reaction... Which if one happens in her mind would prove to her Ryan is jealous.

You just have to hope Ryan's advisors have got the right type of security and advisors in place.

wonderboy 13th September 2021 22.09:57

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=JonesRed;2514628]I cant lie, I don't have a clue about who this stalker is.

Can anyone enlighten me?[/QUOTE]

Someone who has a mental illness and making up fan fiction with her and Ryan, coming out with load of rubbish, she’s moved from USA to live here because of Ryan.

thedischunter96 13th September 2021 22.14:07

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
She just needs to be ignored. The more people interact and talk about her (like we are on here now) the more publicity she’ll get. If they ignore her she will give up.

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