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Colonel D 14th September 2021 20.39:32

Grimsby Reaction 3-1
Didn't deserve anything and that is precisely what happened.
Jordan Davies really missed.

Funny_Old_Game 14th September 2021 20.40:35

Re: Grimsby Reaction
Fully expected a defeat so not too bothered really.

sionwxm 14th September 2021 20.40:52

Re: Grimsby Reaction
2 bloody tough games coming up.

louisleftboot 14th September 2021 20.41:46

Re: Grimsby Reaction
[QUOTE=Funny_Old_Game;2515275]Fully expected a defeat so not too bothered really.[/QUOTE]

This pretty much. One look at the line up and we knew.

Dougie Davies 14th September 2021 20.42:23

Re: Grimsby Reaction
You don't win games with no midfield. Simple.

MJ6987 14th September 2021 20.42:44

Re: Grimsby Reaction
Grimsby are a decent team, we were always going to struggle with that midfield. We could still make the play offs though if we sort that out in January.

OriginalRhylRed 14th September 2021 20.42:53

Re: Grimsby Reaction
same old same old

El Jonez 14th September 2021 20.43:47

Re: Grimsby Reaction
PP got the selection wrong and put his faith in Redmond who hasn’t played a competitive game in 2 years.

MacAlinden came on and we sounded much better.

Liverpool Red 14th September 2021 20.44:00

Re: Grimsby Reaction
We’re a long way off being a title winning side. Sounds like they (rightly) targeted Cleworth. Midfield non-existent by the sounds of it. Too many long balls going by the Radio Wales commentary. Those who made the long journey will be able to offer better insight.

WV1 14th September 2021 20.44:19

Re: Grimsby Reaction

Been underwhelmed with performances so far, so this doesn’t surprise me.

Lack of midfield is killing us, why wasn’t this addressed?

Trouble is, we’re stuck to this formation, because there’s no wingers at the club what so ever.

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