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Prodigal Dragon 17th September 2021 07.25:28

D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
Tuesday’s defeat at Grimsby was a set-back, but it’s now history. It’s difficult to judge ‘what went wrong’ from a short video clip, but it’s clear we are not yet playing as a team for 90 minutes. Hopefully that will improve now the team have played a few games, albeit we still don’t have a settled starting-XI due to injuries.

D&R seem to be flying, so another difficult task tomorrow. Clearly the Redmond punt did not work but, to be fair to him, our midfield has yet to work. There will be further changes, with Lennon likely to replace Cleworth, and Brisley available, too.

It’s going to be a tight game, but suspect the Daggers will come for 3 points — unlike Notts County and Woking — so that might help our cause.

WXM 2 D&R 2

MichaelP 17th September 2021 07.26:30

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
Wxm 2 Daggers 1

Funny_Old_Game 17th September 2021 07.42:24

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
1-3 Daggers.

willyheckerslike 17th September 2021 07.43:48

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions

joe 17th September 2021 07.58:36

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
Win 2-1.


EnglishRed 17th September 2021 08.09:03

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
Tough game on paper, but they have conceded every game apart from at Barnet, and with Stockport faltering arguably the only team they've played you'd expect them to be challenged by were Bromley. Im hoping this means they are more vulnerable than they look!

I hope Lennon is fit as we need a decent defence, and big physical players to match McCallum.

I am confident of a win though 2-1

Iggy Pop 17th September 2021 08.11:40

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
They've got to lose sometime... but not tomorrow, I'm afraid.

Wrexham 1-2 Dagenham. Angus scores a late consolation off the bench.

WREX01 17th September 2021 08.15:41

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
I'd go-







Assuming Davies is still injured, harsh on Reckord but I'd like a bit more pace at wing back.It was a toss up between him and French for the holding role.


Tozer header

Att 7,280

oswestryred 17th September 2021 08.15:50

Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions
3-1 win easy

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