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MichaelP 19th September 2021 09.29:07

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
[QUOTE=Willywill;2517063]Fair enough Michael. Do you have an under lying medical risk or are you over 60?[/QUOTE]

No to both.

andy buckley 19th September 2021 09.38:35

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
They had ALL their windows open and it created a great drought. [/QUOTE]

What no beer!!!

BillEBadass 19th September 2021 09.50:17

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
My friend and I have just arrived home from three days on the Isle of Man (Festival of Motoring).
Before we departed we had to jump through so many hoops it felt like it would have been easier to get out of Afghanistan than into IOM.

Eventually after hours on the computer we got our landing passes. After three days, spent mostly in an excellent pub, The Rovers Return in Douglas, we still hadn't seen a single person wearing a mask.

Having now experienced the IOM TT circuit I have no words to describe how dangerous that must be when travelling at the speeds they average over the 30 odd miles.

It might have taken me 70 odd years to get there but it was well worth it and only 25 miutes from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, a smashing place for a short break.

TheRealWelshWayne 19th September 2021 09.54:52

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
[QUOTE=MichaelP;2517050]There were staff serving food and drinks, stewards in the concourse not wearing a face covering. So what chance do we have if members of staff are not wearing them? :31:[/QUOTE]

No proof that you were at the game.

To everyone else notice this us another day g at the club's staff.

TheRealWelshWayne 19th September 2021 10.09:47

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
*dig at the club's staff.

Wxm boy 19th September 2021 11.06:25

[QUOTE=MichaelP;2517045]Yet majority of supporters and staff ignore this.

Probably easier to count how many members of staff and supporters who had a face covering on yesterday I would go for single figures.[/QUOTE]

Masks are not required in hospitality settings where food and drink are served. The concourse fits this description. What's the difference between that and the pub??
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TheRealWelshWayne 19th September 2021 12.05:10

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
Government's action cards...



Trodat 19th September 2021 16.16:25

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
A complete waste of time, there will be fakes everywhere and almost impossible to check them correctly. Thankfully it won’t impact the club

pricey 19th September 2021 16.28:21

Re: Vaccine Passport rules
[QUOTE=Trodat;2517260]A complete waste of time, there will be fakes everywhere and almost impossible to check them correctly. Thankfully it won’t impact the club[/QUOTE]

So, where exactly does this impact? Nightclubs and massive sporting events? So a normal afternoon and evening in wrexham then? Only that as an exile, I'm visiting next weekend so would like to know?

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