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ruthinred 18th September 2021 16.46:37

Re: Dagenham reaction
[QUOTE=krux;2516793]I think we are getting somewhere, the midfield setup looked a lot better today. Had to hang on second half with French in particular given a torid time.

Mullin is fantastic,.and Lennon's injury problems are a concern despite what Birdy says.[/QUOTE]

Lennon will be fine
Probably could have stayed on

Leighton Red 18th September 2021 16.48:44

Re: Dagenham reaction
Fabulous win today despite riding our luck. Cleworth deserves great credit (it’s not his fault he’s inexperienced…he actually made a goal and game saving tackle towards the end too that Lainton celebrated with him for!). Likewise I’m looking forward to seeing Brisley and Hossanah plus we have Hyde, Jordan and RHJ to come back so looking good for future. Really thinking that we have made a good fist of a terrible set of early season fixtures, if we could get results against Stockport and Chesterfield then I think we could really be in business! Brilliant support again today and Parkinson showing that he appreciates the crowd. COYR!!

pricey 18th September 2021 16.49:54

Re: Dagenham reaction
I think we are heading in the right direction, but clearly still a work in progress. I wonder if MacAlinden starts at CAM now? He certainly adds some height and thrust, and sounded like he got stuck in today. Maybe Jordan Davies across to LWB? Sounded a bit lucky second half, so let's hope for better against Stinkpot next week.

wonderboy 18th September 2021 16.51:23

Re: Dagenham reaction
Excellent first half and they were unlucky not to score. Need to put teams away early thou

marathonplny 18th September 2021 16.52:26

Re: Dagenham reaction
Don’t get some of the negative comments

First half we were totally in control.
Second half we could and should of got a second, and yes we had to defend as a team , backed by the loudest support for a long long time. Good defending, good goal keeping and yes, not the best finishing.

To say we didn’t deserve it, is far too strong.

Overall a great game enjoyed by over 8k again.
Bring on Chesterfield under the lights


WREX01 18th September 2021 16.53:46

Re: Dagenham reaction
Great first half , lucky second.
Incredible save from Lainton.
Lennon had a great first half , he’s never going to be able to be relied upon unfortunately:(
Mullin is some player.

WV1 18th September 2021 16.54:15

Re: Dagenham reaction
Got to find a way of finishing games off, but other than that can’t complain.

Chesterfield under them floodlights, should be a belter

OneLoveWrexham 18th September 2021 16.54:29

Re: Dagenham reaction
Lennon has impressed me last 2 home games to be fair it’s just a shame he’s made out of biscuits, of the back 3 it’s Hayden who looks the least comfortable which has surprised me. I also thought both full backs struggled defensively and going forward today even though I do like French.

welshian 18th September 2021 16.54:39

Re: Dagenham reaction
8k fans again. its quite amazing really. long may it continue.

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