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JonesRed 6th November 2021 17.00:09

Phil Parkinson
Phil Parkinson.

Does he stay or does he depart?

Your thoughts...

WV1 6th November 2021 17.00:54

Re: Phil Parkinson
Not sure we need a new thread after every game, but go…

We haven’t improved at all under him

Liverpool Red 6th November 2021 17.02:28

Re: Phil Parkinson
I’ve got no confidence in the tactics we are using and for me decisive action is needed, so a new manager has time to identify players to sign in the transfer window.

Rob, Ryan, go and get Luke Garrard.

wil 6th November 2021 17.02:30

Re: Phil Parkinson
Really don't want to slate anyone as its early November but wow, how frustrating is this after the fanfare of pre season .

ruthinred 6th November 2021 17.03:07

Re: Phil Parkinson
Pointless thread

Heain't going anywhere

ActonRed 6th November 2021 17.04:37

Re: Phil Parkinson
One pattern I see is other managers seem to be able to impact a game when required, yet Parky seems unable to make positive tactical changes. Substitutions have often backfired.

benwilliams 6th November 2021 17.04:55

Re: Phil Parkinson
Not sure why we are voting on questions rather than statements but ive voted stay, for now....
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Nibs 6th November 2021 17.05:10

Re: Phil Parkinson
Nah let’s keep him and spend another season in this shit top league….the guy is so uninspired….he should go now.

Prodigal Dragon 6th November 2021 17.05:17

Re: Phil Parkinson
Needs to up his game, but cannot see him going anywhere.

He can now concentrate on the league and put out a second-XI in the FA Trophy.

Judge him on our league performances.

Pieman 6th November 2021 17.05:34

Re: Phil Parkinson
Million dollar question. For me give him the January transfer window at least to get the 3 or 4 in we need then aim for play offs

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