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Old 26th November 2023, 08.56:13   #1-0 (permalink)
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Default Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

Strike while the iron is hot, and we'll hopefully now not stray from our winning ways. Excellent performance against the Shrimps, but can we do the same in genteel Harrogate?

They have had a very average start after the failed Armstrong deal put a dent in their finances. Their home form is poor: W2 D1 L6 +8 -14 GD -6. They have only kept a clean-sheet once, and have failed to score on 4 occasions. Can we add to their woes?

Yesterday's performance would suggest this should be a banker, but we are yet to really dominate when on the road again. If we are to mount a serious challenge against Stockport County then we must win these type of games.

The RWB slot is again looking vacant after Forde's strain, but Mendy stepped in and did an excellent job. I don't think PP will make too many other changes unless anyone picked up a knock. Palmer is better starting, but I hope PP brings on Dalby sooner; whilst Hayden is slowly getting back up to speed after a disjointed season through injuries. I guess the biggest decision will be in the midfield. Will it be Cannon or J Jones to start? I am confident both will do a very good job.

Enjoy the Yorkshire Ales or Fat Rascals, as I am sure the Red Army will turn up en mass expecting another win.

Harrogate 0 WXM 4

Onwards and upwards!
UP THE TOWN! Those are my principles, and if you don't like them.... well, I have others. GROUCHO MARX

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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

How many tickets have they allocated us and have we sold them all?
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

Personally I think this will be a very tough game. Think the manager will have them fired up due to the Armstrong saga and we’ll have to win the battle to get something out of the game. I think it will be a similar game to Accy - just hope we get the rub of the green this time!
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

Throttle down, 4-1 Wrexham. Mullin with 2, Lee and Evans.
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

Figure we'll see a few changes but not wholesale changes - e.g Dalby for Palmer and Jones for Cannon.

Hard fought 2-1 Wrexham win.
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

After Saturdays result a confident and solid 2 nil win
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

Tough game and will go for 2-1 win. Look
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

I'm hoping for a win, but not so confident in our road form, so I've plumped for a 2-2 draw.
I too hope Palmer starts and I think Cannon has done enough to earn the start this time.
I haven't seen anything about Forde's strain so I'm assuming Mendy will get the role again.
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Default Re: Harrogate Town (A) - T's & P's

A professional and hard fought 1-0 win.

Mullin pen
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