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Default Re: Wrexham’s Defense

Originally Posted by Wrexy View Post
Some numbers on Arthur that are just a little bit impressive -
He’s fantastic , just hope we can keep him.
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Default Re: Wrexham’s Defense

Originally Posted by Back of the Kop View Post
I don't agree. I believe the tour made us in excess of £8m. Where else are we making that type of money ?

It's 2 weeks out of a 6 week pre-season. We just need to plan to be back 2 weeks before the first game rather than 6 days !
If it's anywhere close to £8 mill in the bank from that they best be doing it every year. Preston North End has £14 million turnover per year for example.
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Default Re: Wrexham’s Defence

PP will stick with his preferred 3-5-2 which works very well provided you have good, quick CBs and a GK who gives the CBs confidence.

When this happens, the 2 WBs can push forward more often, knowing the CBs have the speed and nous to cover most things, especially when the CDM is there to help out, too.

TOC is proving himself ideal for that CB rôle, but the other 2 slots are not solid, hence why we ideally need 2 new CBs.

PS We also need a top-notch striker alongside Mullin.
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