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Rob 4th July 2012 15.21:43

New (and old) RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Due to the recent change in site policy there has been a surge in registrations - all with proper ISP's or provided landline numbers to ensure its 'real' people.

Some are former RP'ers who forgot details, and some are people just just like reading RP.

I would like to invite the new RP'ers, who are likely long time fans, to post up in here to say hello and perhaps to add abit of fun a mini Q&A such as...

- Favourite player?
- Fave player of all time?
- how long you have been a fan?
- Whats your best moment of being a fan?

Welcome to RP! :hurray:

RHYLRED 4th July 2012 15.46:24

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Probably all bleedin Mansfield fans.

TopCornerFergie 4th July 2012 16.02:36

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Three rules:

1. Don't say the C-Word
2. Don't say the Lindsay word
3. Respect the WST Mafia, there's over 2,000 of us and we can trace your IP address.

EDIT: Scratch rule '2' :D


Kenny_Powers 4th July 2012 16.34:58

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Hi all,

As per Rob's message, I fall into the long time reader category. I have never posted on here but am generally glued to the site most days. So I guess this was as good excuse as any to register and join in.

- Favourite player (current) - Ashton
- Fave player of all time - Legs/Holt/Carlos
- how long you have been a fan? - First game would have been around 1990 and it was against Stockport, there was some schools thing going on and Stockport school kids where sat with us juniors, oddly I got a punch in the face that night. Never looked back! :-) I used to watch from the kop from then (1991) on with our own Steve Roberts as he was in my year/classes etc at school. Was great to eventually watch him and Neil on the pitch. I go to most games on my own these days as all my mates are armchair Liverpool fans etc and have been a season ticket for the last couple of years.
- Whats your best moment of being a fan - I guess the LDV, bit unoriginal but what a day that was! And becoming a fans owned club! Yes I am in the Trust.

That'll do, looking forward to speaking to you all soon...

HD3 4th July 2012 17.01:45

Is this why I can no longer browse whilst at work and have to log in now?
Welcome Kenny Powers!

Dafgog 4th July 2012 17.23:07

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Memories of Don Weston, Steve Ingle, Alan Bermingham, Ray Charnley, Tony Beanland,Albert Kinsey anyone???Lets compare memories

Kenny_Powers 4th July 2012 18.07:45

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
[QUOTE=HD3;1198793]Is this why I can no longer browse whilst at work and have to log in now?
Welcome Kenny Powers![/QUOTE]

Yeah that's right mate and cheers!

Glynner 4th July 2012 18.19:33

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Hello Rob and all -

Yes, first RP post despite visiting the site regularly over the last few (very interesting!) seasons.

My first game was back in 1961/2 v Jimmy Hill's Coventry City, and we've obviously had a few ups and downs since then!

My favourite ever player was Bobby Shinton (a football genius), with honourable mentions for Eddie May, Albert Kinsey, Joey and Noddy, Benno, Carlos, Trundle (well, he could play) and King Karl of course. Worst ever was Skinner! Love all the current team to bits - Ashton, Creighton, Harris, the Gaffer, Little (another footballing genius), and I think Danny Wright is in for a big season.
So many memorable games, and European matches, but the LDV Final and FA Cup wins over Forest, West Ham, Birmingham, and the recent Brighton games stand out.

I'm a member of the Trust, but really hope we can concentrate on matters on the field this season - we've got a very experienced squad, we just need another Connolly-type forward and Peter Ward/Fergie type midfielder and we're sorted!

Best to all on RP!

TomWFC 4th July 2012 18.33:09

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
I'm relatively new and have only posted off and on over the last couple of months, but have been an avid reader for a good few years.

Favourite player?

At the moment Glen Little. Plays the game the way I love seeing it played. Intelligent and skillful, with fantastic awareness of space and the players around him. Appreciates the beauty and importance of possession football.

Favourite player of all time?

Incredibly hard to choose an all-time favourite. Names that stand out from the different eras I've watched have to be King Karl, Psycho, Fergie, Trundle and Carlos.

Been a fan since? First game 1994.

Best moment of being a fan?
Thankfully plenty to choose from. On the playing side highlights include LDV Final, Gay Meadow in the promotion season 2003, Bristol Rovers away promotion season 2003 (One of the most complete away performances I've ever seen and Trundle's goal that day is up there with the best individual brilliance I've seen from a Wrexham player), Carlisle away same season (Freezing December day, Hector Sam's 88th minute winner and subsequent shirtless celebration made the long journey worth it). Non-playing side has to be the day the Trust took over and the way we collected the money for the bond, inspired effort and made me very proud to be a Wrexham fan

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Keyser Söze 4th July 2012 18.41:46

Re: New RP'ers Introduce Yourselves...
Hi all,

Like many of the new registered RP'ers I am a long time reader but have never previously posted.

Favourite player: Glen Little; the guy is a class act and one of the best players I've seen in a Wrexham shirt.

All time favourite player: Carlos Edwards.

I've been a fan since around 96/97 and a season ticket holder on and off since 02/03 (Due to work commitments). The first game I can remember attending is the West Ham FA cup tie back in '97.
My favourite ever Wrexham moment is beating Shrewsbury away at the end of the 02/03 season when Lee Jones scored a late winner which pretty much sealed our promotion and their relegation.

Looking forward to the new season and speaking to you all in the near future....

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