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View Poll Results: Do you any confidence left in the WST & CLub Boards?
This poll will close on 9th September 2019 at 08.24:31
Yes 61 26.52%
ABd, ActonRed93, Alun Blackwell, AndoverWxmFan, Answer Release, APurslow, aussiejackoinsaudi, Back of the Kop, Bangor Red, BillEBadass, billybersham, Birdy, Bryn Tirion, CaergwrleRed, Captain Dread, chef1, chico, Connolly2000, Corner Flag, crazywelsh, CRUMBS, dagg, daibach, Dannygwxm, Danzig, davd29, Deeside Red, deeside_dragon, Diggle, dixienormous, dlrwrexham, drtj1989, Drury-red, duncandog, E16, eastsussexred, El Jonez, eosceiriog, ewloered, FieldtownRed, Flintshire Red, flynhater, Foxy, Funny_Old_Game, Gabriel151211, Get It Forward, GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo, gobowenred!, golly, Greasby Red, greenacres, Gwersyllt-Robin, hallyy, happyinsuicide, harrypothead, Haruki, hazcabz, Heddwyn, Hightown Brymbo Red, hodgy12, Hometown Unicorn, Iesty, jackoboy17, jacthelad, jdWAFC, jgg, JH-94, joe, John Neals Dynasty, JohnnyLyons, Johntallon, JonoWafc, JonWrexhamfc, kjwxm, KLH77, krux, KT12 Exile, Lee, LL11 2AH, LlayDragon, Loughboroughred, louisleftboot, m4ty, markh, MasterSpeight, mattw, Messi, mpg89, Mr Malik, noisy1, NottsRed, Off Flint, onelegged harry, OneLoveWrexham, Ooh aah Paskin, OriginalRhylRed, Percy Sugden, Phil Jones, Phils-an-alki, Pieman, Pigeonkit, Prentonred, Readred, Red Dragon Froomie, REDGOG, RedHants, RedHybrid, redinsaudi, REDJB, redmatt, Redordead, redroar, Redted, redtilidie, René Higuita, Rhosymedre Red, RHYLRED, right side, Rk11, Rob Edwards, rob0916, rob_1072, RPO, Ruabon Red, saltney red, Scooper, SCRed, shetred, southcoastexpress, sparky, spuderz123, standman, stanvax, Steve Zodiac, subbuteorob, Superunknown, t1954, taff967, techender, The silent fan, the sleeping giant dies, thedischunter96, TomWFC, Towyned, TrueRed, TWREX, wafc1926, Waz 5999, welshian, Wenttoanderlechtin76, whitegatered, willyheckerslike, Willywill, WinchesterRed, Wopdragon, Wreck Sam, Wrecsam91, wrex51db, wrexham till i die, WrexhamO, WrexhamTID, wrexile, WrexSi, wurzelhater, WV1, WXM74, WxmFc, Wxmspiller, wxmultra
169 73.48%
Voters: 230.

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