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Wrexham vs Grimsby Town- Saturday 25th August



In today’s late kick off, Wrexham will be facing Grimsby Town FC at The Racecourse. With Grimsby also having a bit of a patchy start, both sides will be looking to get a win to push on with the season. Here’s an interview we conducted with the Mariner’s fan site Too Good To Go Down (

1. As much as we both probably dislike it, weve got another year in the conference. How do Grimsby fans view the league these days?

I can’t speak for all of our supporters, but I think most ex-league clubs view the Conference with a sense of snobbery and entitlement. We played Nuneaton last week and they parked 10 behind the ball, lumped the ball up top to one striker and the referee was useless. I think we all look down on the smaller sides and bemoan the fact the grounds aren’t up to league standard and the officials are worse. It’s probably not actually as bad as we say it is mind and ultimately we;’re all in this league on merit. But the quicker we get out of it, the better.

2. One of my worst memories watching football was watching you come back from 1-0 to beat us 2-1 at the Racecourse. We’d been abusing one of your players (I think it was Reddy) all game and he wenr on to score and setup the equaliser.

Got any particular memories (good or bad)about playing Wrexham?

We always seem to lose against Wrexham. I know we drew at The racecourse last season after going 2-down, but we very, very rarely get anything against you. Wrexham is one of the sides where I just mentally mark us down as a defeat and sadly I don’t see us getting anything again today either.

3. This league is getting tougher every year, do you think its only a matter of time before we have 3 up 3 down?

I don’t ever think the Football League will agree to a 3 up, 3 down. I actually wrote about this at some length a few weeks back (cheeky plug: ). I don’t believe there’s any gulf between the best sides in non league and the worst in League 2 as Crawley, Stevenage and many others have proved in recent years. But I can’t see the League clubs agreeing to open up another slot down into the abyss of non league. Grimsby certainly wouldn’t have voted for it when we were in L2 four years ago. Footballing reasons suggest 3 up, 3 down MUST happen soon. Politics will ensure it doesn’t.

4. What would you say is your club’s aim this season and do you think you can achieve it?

The aim is promotion. The club has a top 5 wage budget and has spent heavily, in non league terms, this summer. The last 10 years have been terrible as a Grimsby fan. In 2001 we were top of the Championship. We beat Liverpool at Anfield in the League Cup. And then we sunk with successive relegations, the threat of financial meltdown and we brought in an army of mercenary footballers who picked up salaries with passionless performances. We now have a side that fights hard, never gives up and scores goals. We’ll miss Liam Hearn after he ruptured an achilles but on paper we have some very good players – the Play Offs are a must and the fans will be on the manager’s backs if we’re not there or thereabouts by Christmas.

5.  How do you think you will do tonight? Do you fancy your chances

We’ve been awful so far this season despite bringing in some very good players on paper. We also never win in Wales. I’d love for us to pick up points but I don’t see it. 2-1 Wrexham for me.

6. Who do you think will be your key player(s) this season?
It would have been Liam Hearn who was fantastic last season and bagged 29 goals. Now he’s injured one of our other strikers will have to step up. Anthony Elding has become a fans’ favourite with some passionate performances and him and Andy Cook will lead the line. Our best player, however, is young Andi Thanoj. He’s the best passer of a ball I’ve seen in the Conference and still a teenager. If teams give him space he can dominate a game – as he did in the second half at your place last season when he scored the equaliser.

7. If you could have any player from another team, who would it be?

Funnily enough I think most Town fans would have said Fleetwood’s Nathan Pond and then we signed him on loan! We desperately need a left winger, the best I saw last year was Michael West of Ebbsfleet who has since signed for Crewe. Reece Styche is also the kind of nasty striker I’d like to see at Blundell Park.

8. Who do you think will be promoted this year? And if you don’t think Wrexham, how do you reckon we will fare?


 I think you’ll finish 4th (another cheeky plug:

) I don’t think you’re as strong as last year but you’ll certainly be up there. No doubt about that.

Thanks again to Too Good To Go Down for the interview, you can also follow them on twitter @toogoodtogodown. Let’s hope we can live up to their expectations and continue to stop Grimsby winning in Wales!




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