December 2004 News

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31-Dec-2004 Tsunami Victims Remembered
31-Dec-2004 Wrexham v Blackpool - Match Preview
31-Dec-2004 Match plea to Red's fans
31-Dec-2004 Reds need the winning habit
31-Dec-2004 Play it again
30-Dec-2004 Blackpool's Taylor joins Plymouth
30-Dec-2004 May is when it matters
30-Dec-2004 Dibble: I want to keep on playing for Dragons
30-Dec-2004 Dean's mission
29-Dec-2004 Jones makes his Mark with a cracker
29-Dec-2004 Smith hoping Jones can keep up fine form
29-Dec-2004 Jones turns on style for fired up Dragons
29-Dec-2004 Wrexham 3, Chesterfield 1
28-Dec-2004 Wrexham 3 Chesterfield 1 - Audio Report
28-Dec-2004 Wrexham 3 Chesterfield 1 - Match Review
28-Dec-2004 Bradford fans dig deep to help Reds
28-Dec-2004 Smith slams Euro decision
28-Dec-2004 Smith: New Year - New Team
28-Dec-2004 Smith: Being docked 10 points has hit player's confidence
27-Dec-2004 Wrexham v Chesterfield - Match Preview
27-Dec-2004 Chris Keeps Cool
27-Dec-2004 Todd spitting fire at Dragon's penalty point
26-Dec-2004 Bradford City v Wrexham - Match Live
26-Dec-2004 Bradford City v Wrexham - Match Preview
24-Dec-2004 Dragons sell off talks stall
24-Dec-2004 Hitch in Smith's bid to buy Reds
24-Dec-2004 Sainsbury's shirt deal is a big boost to Reds
24-Dec-2004 Bantams boss backing Reds to bounce back
24-Dec-2004 It's Happy Families
24-Dec-2004 Bantams prospering
24-Dec-2004 Whitley confident of Dragon's revival
24-Dec-2004 Smith rallying call
23-Dec-2004 Fans on tenterhooks
23-Dec-2004 Ownership deal probed
23-Dec-2004 Dean aims to ease strain
23-Dec-2004 Dragons out to Holt their free fall
23-Dec-2004 Changing guards
23-Dec-2004 Goal plea
22-Dec-2004 Wrexham FC purchase is 'imminent'
22-Dec-2004 Andy Smith: Wrexham takeover is imminent
22-Dec-2004 Hamilton: It's your fault (Guterman)
22-Dec-2004 Legal cloud over Reds sale
22-Dec-2004 Island return on the cards
22-Dec-2004 Reds star drop in with festive cheer
22-Dec-2004 Andy Dibble: Still confident
20-Dec-2004 Andy Smith: I still want to buy the Reds
20-Dec-2004 Hamilton's winter of discontent
20-Dec-2004 Fundraising fans pull out all the stops for reds
20-Dec-2004 Lords hear of campaign to save club from disaster
20-Dec-2004 Sticking to principles
20-Dec-2004 Neale Cooper: Lets get this show on the road
20-Dec-2004 Wrexham boss cannot believe his mince pies
20-Dec-2004 Wrexham 1, Hartlepool United 5
19-Dec-2004 We will leave Racecourse - Hamilton
19-Dec-2004 Combative Carey takes the strain
19-Dec-2004 I'm up for challenge that lies ahead says Denis
18-Dec-2004 Wrexham 1 Hartlepool United 5 - Audio Report
18-Dec-2004 Wrexham 1 Hartlepool United 5 - Match Review
18-Dec-2004 White knight Smith prepares to rescue Wrexham from darkest hour
18-Dec-2004 Smith makes his points in his wish list
17-Dec-2004 Wrexham v Hartlepool United - Match Preview
17-Dec-2004 Refreshed!
17-Dec-2004 Foxy Alen has happy memories of 10-1 victory
17-Dec-2004 Cooper given boost
17-Dec-2004 Keeper Baker says goodbye
17-Dec-2004 Matt Finish
17-Dec-2004 Trinidadians have a home from home
17-Dec-2004 Fans counting on bums on seat
17-Dec-2004 Bottoms of the League
17-Dec-2004 Danny gives Dragons their fire
17-Dec-2004 Grounds for concern
16-Dec-2004 'No Reds deal before the spring'
16-Dec-2004 Wrexham's sad plight
16-Dec-2004 Praise for the pros
16-Dec-2004 Llewellyn's not leaving
16-Dec-2004 Giant killers?
15-Dec-2004 Swans in move for Wrexham striker
15-Dec-2004 Kevin has faith in his strikers
15-Dec-2004 Dons sign up to help club
15-Dec-2004 Buttivant: 'My plans will save ground'
15-Dec-2004 Anfield clash raises 4,000 for fan's trust
15-Dec-2004 Burrell: My Reds chat was cut
15-Dec-2004 Jim awaits the pools news
15-Dec-2004 Lets sort out this Euro problem now
14-Dec-2004 Profit goal for club bid businessman
14-Dec-2004 Clubs eye-up our stars
14-Dec-2004 Football is in Levi's genes...
14-Dec-2004 Manager's cash plea to Trust
14-Dec-2004 Vow to Reds fans: We're staying put
14-Dec-2004 Help me out
14-Dec-2004 Carey faces scan as his injury woe continues
14-Dec-2004 Joey back at Anfield to raise fans' cash
13-Dec-2004 Rival bid lined up to buy the Reds
13-Dec-2004 It won't happen overnight
13-Dec-2004 Smith knows there's work to do at the back
13-Dec-2004 Milton Keynes Dons 3, Wrexham 0
13-Dec-2004 Smith still defiant as he faces challenge
12-Dec-2004 It's time to make our points, lads
12-Dec-2004 'I'll save ground' says buyer
11-Dec-2004 Milton Keynes Dons 3 Wrexham 0 - Audio Report
11-Dec-2004 Milton Keynes Dons 3 Wrexham 0 - Match Review
11-Dec-2004 FAW Premier Cup Draw
10-Dec-2004 Milton Keynes Dons v Wrexham - Match Preview
10-Dec-2004 Football League Announcement
10-Dec-2004 Goalden boy Andy has a new target
10-Dec-2004 'Reasonable grounds' for Reds' point appeal
10-Dec-2004 Dragons pitch in for survival
10-Dec-2004 Save Our Season
10-Dec-2004 Guterman's finished
09-Dec-2004 Wrexham contest 10-point penalty
09-Dec-2004 My seven day deadline
09-Dec-2004 Fergie thanks fans
09-Dec-2004 Bennett: My 400k mission
09-Dec-2004 Trust phone line cash boost
09-Dec-2004 Ex-reds director quizzed in match gate cash probe
09-Dec-2004 Shrews boss in police probe
09-Dec-2004 Arrest over football club 'theft'
09-Dec-2004 Dragons: Police quiz ex-director
09-Dec-2004 Dragons to appeal points' docking
09-Dec-2004 Stay up and Dragons will be team of the year
09-Dec-2004 Smith: Wilson can lift struggling Dons
09-Dec-2004 Phone a friend
09-Dec-2004 Wrexham set to appeal against 10-pointer
09-Dec-2004 New Euro bid for Wales' Big Three
09-Dec-2004 Barred by Wales, England and UEFA
08-Dec-2004 Trust meets Andrew Smith
08-Dec-2004 Members Meeting
08-Dec-2004 Council will fight for historic ground
08-Dec-2004 'We've got character' - Smith
08-Dec-2004 Stars join fight to save the Reds
08-Dec-2004 It's not all over yet!
08-Dec-2004 Wrexham 2, Stockport 1
08-Dec-2004 Dragons get stuck in to win
07-Dec-2004 Wrexham 2 Stockport County 1 - Audio Report
07-Dec-2004 Wrexham 2 Stockport County 1 - Match Review
07-Dec-2004 More cash for points appeal
07-Dec-2004 'Turn out' plea as Reds' talks go on
07-Dec-2004 Joey says no to Welsh job offer
07-Dec-2004 Dibble at the ready
07-Dec-2004 Dragons rescue bid hinges on Hamilton
07-Dec-2004 Stick with us
07-Dec-2004 Wrexham begin relegation dogfight
06-Dec-2004 Wrexham v Stockport County - Match Preview
06-Dec-2004 WST shop open tomorrow for Christmas bargains
06-Dec-2004 Fan comes up with points loss appeal cash
06-Dec-2004 Just look what you could have won...
06-Dec-2004 'We've got to get on with it'
06-Dec-2004 Reds: It's a done deal
06-Dec-2004 WST 'optimistic' over new bidder's plans for Dragons
06-Dec-2004 Rival bidder in the wings
06-Dec-2004 Wrexham will have too much quality for old side
05-Dec-2004 Hamilton: I'm ready to do a deal
05-Dec-2004 Fergie boy is Dragon Saver
05-Dec-2004 'I'm happy being Juan of the boys'
04-Dec-2004 New bidder on horizon for Wrexham
04-Dec-2004 Dragons will stay put says potential owner
04-Dec-2004 Final straw for Dragons
04-Dec-2004 Hereford away in LDV
04-Dec-2004 After 132 years, this proud club should survive
04-Dec-2004 Administration in "Wrexham's best interest"
04-Dec-2004 Football League statement
03-Dec-2004 Scunthorpe United 2 Wrexham 0 - Audio Report
03-Dec-2004 Scunthorpe United 2 Wrexham 0 - Match Review
03-Dec-2004 Wrexham FC in administration
03-Dec-2004 Smith confident of survival
03-Dec-2004 Wrexham owner blamed for plight
03-Dec-2004 Always look on the bright side of life
03-Dec-2004 Dragons directors head for hearing
03-Dec-2004 We've found remedy for blues
03-Dec-2004 Ex-Wrexham duo in frame
03-Dec-2004 Wrexham vow to lift gloom on darkest day
03-Dec-2004 Tensions run high as rival football 'fans' meet in city
03-Dec-2004 Scunthorpe United v Wrexham - Match Preview
02-Dec-2004 Hamilton 'sacrifices' house for Wrexham
02-Dec-2004 Men with future of the club in their hands
02-Dec-2004 'Police weren't interested in damage to our cars'
02-Dec-2004 Trust will use FA Cup match to say thanks

Double cash blow for Dragons

02-Dec-2004 What does receivership mean for Dragons?
02-Dec-2004 Hard to punish people who least deserve it
02-Dec-2004 Penalty will not put out Dragon's fire
02-Dec-2004 Joey's Wanted
02-Dec-2004 Major Boost!
01-Dec-2004 Fan's in car attack fury
01-Dec-2004 Sport blow for young if club goes to the wall
01-Dec-2004 Rival's bid to buy the club
01-Dec-2004 Now for the hat-trick
01-Dec-2004 Seven years is well worth the wait!
01-Dec-2004 Chester City 0, Wrexham 1