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Wider Note:

This messageboard is designed to be a forum where Wrexham fans, and fans of other clubs, are free to post opinion on any football or non-football related topic. In order that the board remains friendly and accessible to people who wish to post, the mod team have decided that a revised set of rules need to be implemented in order to maintain a good atmosphere on the board and to prevent the mod team, and members, from getting into bother with the legals.

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b) No text speak. The mod team is not against text speak as it has its proper place in this technological world: in mobile phone messages between spotty teenagers or if you are struggling to get your earth shattering point of view across in 140 characters or less.

c) Abuse of people, whether they post on this board or not, will not be tolerated. Again, the mod team will decide what constitutes abuse and what does not. Let’s face it, though, you will usually know when you are being abusive so don’t start banging on about “free speech” if we pull you up. In addition no poster is required to use their own name in their posts or username and all other posters should respect that wish.

d) When The Ref has to step in because of something that has been posted, the poster concerned may receive a warning via private message, a yellow card or a red card, resulting in a suspension from access to the board. A poster can even find themselves placed on a “restricted” setting, meaning that some facilities of the forum will not be available to them. If applicable, The Ref will take action against a poster who, in the view of the mod team, has started a thread or posted in such a way as to be viewed as trolling in an effort to get an extreme reaction from other posters. In extreme circumstances, or because of continual breaches of forum rules, a poster may be permanently banned from the forum.

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f) Red Passion reserve the right to edit, delete, move or otherwise alter any post by any user without prior warning. Please make part of that job easier, if you wish to start a new thread, by checking back a couple of pages or so of the forum concerned to see whether there is already a thread on the topic you wish to post upon. If there is, post in that rather than starting a new thread.

g) This is not a democracy – the mod team are in charge. Please respect that position. We act at all times in the interests of the forum at large because we genuinely want to make this board the best it can be. We will endeavour to explain our decisions to the person affected where possible, however we reserve the right to take any of these steps without notice and/or without any explanation.. Please do not create or hijack threads to object to or discuss moderating decisions. These threads will be locked and or deleted and repeatedly doing so will be treated as an infraction.

The mod team know that they are not perfect but they are doing their best.

h) Save in exceptional circumstances multiple accounts/logon's are not allowed. If you feel that you require more than one account (for example, to post as an individual and to post as a representative of a fans’ group) please contact the mod team.

i) We may revise these rules at any time by amending this page. Please check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you.

Finally, please remember that this messageboard is the most popular online ‘face’ of Wrexham supporters.

If the messageboard is enjoyable to read and has a high level of debate, it reflects well on our club, a club owned by fans. If, on the other hand, the board is filled with petty arguments, it reflects badly on our club.

We all want the best for our football club, even if there are differences between members in the way they believe that can be achieved. The right to post on here comes with the responsibility of following the rules of the forum – please make our jobs easier and the image of our club positive by acting responsibly.

Any problems, contact one of the mod team.