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Accrington A ratinhs


Taking coaching badges
Pre Takeover RPer Original RPer before 2009
Oct 7, 2004
Horsham, West Sussex
Okonkwo 4
Forde 6
O'connor 4
Hayden 4
Tozer 5
Davies 4
Evans 5
Jones 5
Lee 5
Dalby 3
Mullin 3

Boyle 3
Palmer 5
Mcalinden 3
Cannon 4
Bickerstaff 4
Less than 5 for everyone except forde who I'll give a 6.5 to.

A match like this happens sometimes. Best to have a short memory.
Not gonna rate us today - just a bad day at the office. We forget it and move on. What satisfaction do some get from rating players 2? Bet they were itching to get stuck in!

We go again and bounce back
Okonkwo 6
Forde 5
O'connor 3
Hayden 3
Tozer 5
Davies 3
Evans 5
Jones 5
Lee 4
Dalby 2
Mullin 2

Boyle 3
Palmer 4
Mcalinden 4
Cannon 4
Bickerstaff 4
it's not a night for ratings , we just need to make a few key changes and move on
Okonkwo (6) - GK mistakes really can't be hidden. Mostly fine but some poor distribution.

Forde (6) - Solid but little support or movement.

Hayden (5) - His touch can be awful. Think he just switches off. Not doing himself any favours getting a new contract.

Tozer (5) - Poor passing and lack of pace yet again.

O'Connor (6) - He does dwell on the ball, but why was he subbed? Presumably an injury.

J Davies (6) - Mostly fine but struggled to impose himself.

Evans (6) - Again, struggles to impose himself. Would have him at CB instead of Tozer or Hayden once we get a proper midfield general in January.

Lee (6) - Best player first-half, but gets frustrated then tries to do too much.

J Jones (6) - Part of a midfield trio which struggled and failed to control the game.

Dalby (5) - Surprised he started. This was a game for Palmer to hustle and bustle. Dalby just isn't very consistent.

Mullin (4) - Missed 2 chances and throws himself to the ground too easily.


All a (5). PP left it too late, and Palmer has the pace of a tortoise.

Accrington did their homework and stopped us playing football, albeit we helped them a lot.

We'll hang in until January, when we'll hopefully recruit enough new blood to mount a serious challenge for the top 3 spots. But quite a few need to be shown the door at the end of the season. That includes all our CBs bar TOC and Cleworth, who seems to have been discarded in favour of some lolloping dinosaurs!

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