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Accrington Stanley 2 Wrexham 0 Reaction

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Colonel D

Pre Takeover RPer Original RPer before 2009
Mar 2, 2006
Accrington reaction 0-2

Well we were outfought and got what we deserved - nothing..
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

You’re allowed an off day- but that was dreadful.

2 out of 10 performance. Woeful.

That statement put out before the game was miss timed too. Had weeks to announce that
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Poor performance but they were just as bad as us. Awful game to watch and we fell into a scrappy game.

No dramas, move onto next week.
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Not by any means having a dig but mullin needs to start scoring away from home more , pen summed the game up disappointing performance and result need to bounce back which I’m sure we will with mendy and McLean back next week
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Some people on the live thread critical of Accrington performance, but they would be mad to have tried to outplay in a football match. They defended well and frustrated us and worthy winners. We just couldnt cope with missing Mendy/McClean and were poor all over the pitch. Hopefully just a bad day at the office as others will try and do the same and we need to react better.
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

When we are bullied by teams and they break the game up we usually resort to playing their style of football and that’s exactly what happened today. Really poor from front to back. The usual suspects were poor today I.E Dalby, Tozer, Boyle was slow and laboured when came on too.
Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Accrington did a job on a lacklustre Wrexham. We got drawn into a physical battle of head tennis and lost. Worst game I’ve seen all season.

Let’s just forget about it and go on the kind of run we did post Stockport
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