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Dec 23, 2014
Interesting situation!
Last season, Dibble gone, Lainton injured, Howard ageing, Foster came and went.
What do we do?
To be fair, we sign two young keepers on loan, but a decision will have to be taken fairly soon.
McNicholas, the young lad from Ireland, is here as I understand on loan until January but with an option to buy. Don’t know if an amount has been mentioned.
I thought he played well and confidently the other night. I’d sign him.
Arthur. On loan from Arsenal to end of season. What happens then? No current offer from Arsenal so does that mean they can’t ask a fee? If he continued the current form there could well be sniffing by bigger clubs which will no doubt push the money level up. Me, I’d sign him as well.
Will they want to stay? Don’t know. Probably not met R+R yet so that could change things with their usual charm offensive.
Do we sign both? Yes I think so. Will it cost a lot? Almost certainly. We keep talking about having funds so why not use it and sort out the keeper position for possibly years.
What you think?
if they're available , we sign both .

With regards to Arthur, he's in a strong position. if he has a strong season he'll have lots of interest not least from us, but also likely from higher up the leagues .

Some of this may well come down to which league we're in next season .... and of course how much he enjoys his time here
With Arthur we may be able to do a pre-contract in January with his deal up in June. Arsenal may also be happy to let him go early knowing they will loose him in the summer anyway.

McNichols the word on twitter when he signed was that the initial loan was to navigate financial fair play rules and he will sign no matter what in January.
I think I recall reading that we are committed to buying McNicholas in January and can try and talk Arthur into agreeing to sign then also. I would be very happy to sign both, but fear Arthur will have plenty of attractive suitors. Our best bet is to get promoted, without that I fear we lose him
Big Arthur O could be our keeper all the way up to the Championship.
Big Arthur O could be our keeper all the way up to the Championship.

It's up to them, they can either go to Vegas for their end of season party with us or they can go to Magaluf with any other team below the Championship
We'll do well to keep hold of Arthur. 2 clean sheets in 3 games for a team shipping goals won't have gone unnoticed and if that continues clubs will be sniffing around.

For me he's a Championship level keeper now his nerves are starting to settle.

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