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Happy New Year from Down Under

Happy new year and all the best for 2023.
League 2 here we come.
Same to you, have a great new year
Season ticket holder, missing a few games,as I am in Brisbane,watching all the games now via streaming, and will be back in my seat for last home game of the season,hate every minute of not watching live, but needs must as far as family goes. So Happy New Year from me sitting here by the pool on a lovely warm night beer & whiskey on the go its1.30 am on a New Year's Day, and I wish was freezing and looking forward to the Chesterfield home game. See you all soon,COYR.
Happy New Year reds fans, saying this now before a few sherbets :D
Should Ode Acquaintance Be Forgot!

Thanks to the help of our trustee,
Being Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney,
I've had a most pleasant epiphany,
One for which some of you might agree.

With a sense of new-found certainty,
I think that twenty twenty three,
Marching together we'll surely see,
The Mighty Red Army's glory.

Happy New Year!

*Attached image, for your visual delectation! :wine:


  • CaeRasNewYear22into23.jpeg
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Happy new year to all on RP from down under
Happy New Year - 2023, promotion and then title chase year !
Happy New Year Reds fans, wherever you may be.

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