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Newport Verdict 0-1

Colonel D

Pre Takeover RPer Original RPer before 2009
Mar 2, 2006
Bad day at the office today , not helped by the sending off and injuries.
A typical away performance under Parkinson.

One paced and one dimensional. Stop our pieces and you go a long way to stopping us. We don’t have the technical ability and the players aren’t coached well enough in possession. 1 shot on target all game is pathetic.

Not acceptable this, away performances over a long period of time have been well below what we’re spending.
Could have played for another 90 minutes and wouldn't have got close to scoring. Worst I've seen us for a while.

Red card all day long, I thought. You can't go in with your studs that high, even if you win the ball.
Played most of the game with 10 and a fair few out with injuries. We still have a team that wins far more than it loses. We move on.
Yet another utterly shocking away performance. Need to remember we are second, but also want a few of those lads doing hill runs tomorrow morning.

No point laying in on Boyle who probably feels as bad as anyone, but he’s not up to it, should try to move him on.
Has to be said we’ve not been good away all season. If we don’t go up, that’s the reason - just never really look like scoring a goal unless it’s from a set piece.
Terrible. New signings are needed, and soon
Usual away dirge where nothing is created. We desperately need a striker who can actually run.

We're still going up though, this division is awful. Newport going all the way to the death with us for 75 mins with 10 men and us with 3 strikers on the pitch.

It was a red, he knew exactly what he was doing lifting his leg in that way and anyone who has played the game to any standard will realise that.
Played most of the game with 10 and a fair few out with injuries. We still have a team that wins far more than it loses.We move on.

Not away from home we don't. Mid table away from home W4 D5 L4

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