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Points after 23 games

Yeah, we are getting a bit over our skis imho.

Stockport beat us 5-0. Until we can return the favor or they completely fall off form (unlikely) then we are playing for 2nd place in my mind.

We don't get the chance to return the favor until matchday 46 so I guess it's the latter then lol
We don't get the chance to return the favor until matchday 46 so I guess it's the latter then lol

Yes. It may be that game doesn't even matter to either team by then.

So we might have to wait until next season to try and return the favor.
I absolutely do think they'll bring in a player or two during January and either loan out or drop a couple from the 22 depending on injury status or who they get. McAlindon is definitely someone that could be on the chopping block, he most likely is anyway even if they didn't sign a player. Hosannah, although injury prone is healthy right now and is much more useful to the club. Depending on the length expected on his rehab, it could be Fletcher. Bickerstaff or Dalby could be loaned out, although it seems Dalbly is getting back to form so most likely Bickerstaff. Boyle? He may not be liking his position on the team only getting a few tourney starts. If they pick up a CB, it would make it easier to let him move on.

Signing a player or two isn't just about a nabbing an automatic promotion. It's also about positioning themselves to compete in league 1 and having more continuity if they get promoted, or setting themselves up to have a better chance of dominating L2 if they miss out this year.

I would like to see them pick up at least another player at the Mullin/Evans/Okonkwo quality to set themselves up for promotion and another promotion run next year, but I am guessing they'll at least get 1-2 players that are upgrades to their longer term injured/bottom couple players for insurance for the second half of the season and hopefully another FA Cup run.

Some good points, players we look at will either be championship players or championship potential. We can see the difference that Evans, Okonkwo and the rejuvenated Cannon have made to the team. McClean also has a lot more to offer.
We are too good for everyone else in this league.

I hope that's a Tongue in cheek comment.

Tough league and a long hard winter ahead. Good chance of staying in the mix if we stay injury free.

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