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Welcome to Wrexham S1E17 "Wromance" discussion thread (spoilers)

The Family connection formally of us is a huge part of being Wrexham fans

My dad took me to my first game back in 1981 - the 2nd repay against West Ham . My mum was terrified - lots of trouble at games back in those days , but Dad got the tickets anyway . It was freezing ( it being January ) , so mum got me dressed in pretty much every item of clothing I had back then - 2 or 3 jumpers , couple of pairs of trousers and god knows how many pairs of socks - I could barely move - certainly couldn't bend my arms .

We stood in the paddock just by the dugouts Dad held me up on the railings for most of the game so I could see . I remember seeing Trevor brooking coming crashing into the fence right infront of me, his face pressed up against it ....... and then I remember Dixie scoring .... what a night . I've still got there programme and it's one of my most vivid childhood memories .

Fast forward a few years to when I was old enough to go by myself and Dad and I sat together for years - I loved the football , win or loose , but loved being there with Dad even more .

As I've got older , Dad hasn't got to the Racecourse as much as he used to and then for the last few years it's been hard for him . He sufferd with cancer and had a battle with that for a quite a while and that kept him away from football and a lot of other things ... ultimately , the wonderful people at The Christie managed to cure him - one of the best days of my life hearing that news ...... the slight downside was that the treatment left his immune system pretty battered for a while and not long after that , Covid arrived. So from that point on , he pretty much went into total isolation with mum and we didn't really get to see them for over 2 years .

He's fine now , but mixing with big crowds was something the docs said was probably not a good idea , so again I couldn't really get him down to The Racecourse .. he's been listening to Marc Griffiths commentary instead ...

Then a few week ago, he was due to come over to our place on thew weekend of the Torquay match . I said to him ' Dad , why don't you take my season ticket and take David ( my son ) to the game - I can drive you there and I'll sit in the car park and listen on the radio ' ..... wasn't really expecting him to say yes, but he said ' I'd love that, but can't you get a ticket '. So then I had some work to do to try and get an extra ticket .... thankfully , I managed to get one

... anyway , to cut an already long story short thanks to some really wonderful people at the club , we managed to swap out seats so the 3 of us could sit together

... first time the 3 of us have ever been able to get to see Wrexham at the Racecourse together ... it was magical - what a performance , what a game .... Dad loved it .. my boy loved it ... I loved it & I got to see it all with them both

it's up there now with my very best memories at The Racecourse

When I heard Rob taking in the first episode about going to games with his Dad ... not remembering the games themsleves , but just remembering being with his Dad ... I 100% knew what he meant and how he was feeling .......and this episode just underlined how special these times are , sharing amazing days with those that mean most to us .

...great episode this one ...

... sorry for the sentimental outpouring in this post .... UTST

That's a brilliant post made , nearly got my Hay-fever going !

I'd say 80% of conversations iv had with my dad in my life have been about football (Celtic) and I wouldn't change it for a second