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Welcome to Wrexham S2 E9: "Glove Triangle"


Due a Testimonial
Pre Takeover RPer Original RPer before 2009
Oct 6, 2004
Saffron Walden (ex Penyffordd)
Another belter.

You'd think that this would be all about the return of Ben but its not. Lainton, Howard and Foster all share equal billing with their likeable personalities and will to win shining through.

Lovely cameo from David Seaman. Only disappointment is that they didn't show 'that' goal but not the time or place for that.

Bit weird seeing Aidan Davison compare Foster to Tom Brady. Scripted? Of course.

Episode tees up the Notts County home game very nicely.
I was surprised they went right to the injury up top and didn't really get into Lainton replacing Howard before that - especially given the episode title - they just made it sound like it was due to him being healthy where even I know there was a bit more to it than that. Then again since Howard's such a good bloke I don't mind them glossing over that swap, especially since they did already show his pivotal mistake (in passing) during the last episode.

I was disappointed they didn't really get into HOW Ben Foster became an option and some of the behind the scenes discussion, I didn't find out one thing I didn't already know about it - particularly the Howard stuff though I do like that their relationship got key billing. Howard's a good guy and I'm glad he got enough gametime this year to prove he can still play if he does want to move on and be a #1 for someone else before going onto the retirement phase.

I do think in general it was pretty well done and very enjoyable. I almost can't get enough of Fozzy because he's such a personality. That whole cameo did wonders for his post-playing career, which was already fairly lucrative. I'm one of the many people who obviously didn't follow the Premier League too much and was like 'wow, who is this guy they're dragging out of retirement?' when he first signed so he found a new audience beyond the hardcore PL fans who already knew him.

But no as much as I love Fozzy he's not Tom Brady. More like Ryan Fitzpatrick signing with a CFL or USFL team.
I could watch Ben Foster all day. You can see how his personality in the dressing room helped get us over the line.
That save from Seaman is one of the best ever.
Mark Howard is a top guy.
Really hope Foster comes back to the club and is introduced to the crowd before the game. There's a good post on twitter about him not quite getting the send off he deserved.
I love Ben Foster but wish he’d stop using the term “cooking”.
I thought all the keepers came across really well. I don’t think there was any need to focus on the Maidenhead incident, it was the one time last season I felt many fans really crossed the line.

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