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Welcome to Wrexham S3E4 "Risky Business" discussion thread (spoilers)


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Oct 6, 2004
Thread for today's episode drop!
Its obviously a bit of a silly one this - starts off with that stupid McElhenney song in full as the intro.

Thankfully they kept in the "I'm not fluffing singing" line from Chal at the end. Never change Chal, never change.

Think I may need a beer or two inside me to go any further so I'll watch this tonight.
Found this one a little dull really.

Feels like they picked the topic of risk and then found as many things as they could to fit around that topic.

The community aspect has always been the less interesting part for me, so I was not really the right target audience for this one.
First one I’ve picked my phone up half way through. Found it boring.
A stark contrast to the previous episodes. This one really didn't do it for me at all.

The Ryan Reynolds Park is still empty so doesn't really make for great footage. Would've maybe been better to film it once the plans have been fully realised. I haven't really noticed many new openings in that part of town yet either.

I feel like they're always artificially trying to ramp up the tension in terms of off the field elements.

They can't all be winners I guess, but not an episode I'd bother with again.
I guess they continue with their improving the Town and community promises by highlighting local businesses.
It wasn't rubbish, but not the best episode either. Still shoehorned a bit of footy into it!
Nice to see the convo between Rob and Neil roberts regarding Mia. Also didn’t realise the costs involved in promotion from the championship were so high.
I like the ambition! The Athletic estimate that financially we have the ability to be an established premiership club in 7 to 10 seasons.I hope they are right.
Their figures suggest 10 million dollars get into Division 1 and the same amount to rise to Championship after that 150 million to Premier

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