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Wrecsam AFC


Pre Takeover RPer Original RPer before 2009 Helped pay wages in August 2011
Apr 22, 2007
Over the Border Marauder
more sensationalism from the national newspapers this afternoon as a few places are reporting that, in accordance with the Senedd proposals, all places should be called by their Welsh pronunciation and not their English equivalent.

I personally cannot see it happening, but it would be fun to see it read out on Final Score and Soccer Saturday :D
which name came first, wrexham or wrecsam?
Sounds too Anglo Saxon for my liking. Time to come up with a new name.
They had a go with the Brecon Beacons a few months ago, haven't seen much about that once the initial hoo-ha ended.
Wrex - mutation of Latin Rex meaning King
Ham - town

I mean it's so muddied absolutely god knows. Wrecsam/Wrexham. Whatever you're happy with I suppose

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