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Wxm v Morecombe Simply Outstanding.

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Our goal difference has been horrid thanks to Stockport and MK Dons, good to start putting that right.
A 6 goal win, an SPM hat trick, a clean sheet, and all three teams above us to start the day lose to put us 2nd in the league.

On cloud nine. Let’s keep this rolling to Harrogate Tuesday!
A near perfect round for us barring that late Crewe winner. That’s how you respond to a poor performance.
Simply outstanding !
Thought Cannon and McClean were great Everyone was tbf.
10-0 would not have flattered us.
Scarily good that, felt like they didn’t really get out of second gear too.

Cannon starting to change my mind about him too.
Dominant. Exactly what was needed after a loss. The top 6 is extremely tight so massive for the goal difference as well. On to Harrogate!

Only concern is the fitness on the wings moving forward. Here's hoping it's a day to day thing for Forde.
Don't think Morecambe were as bad as some are making out. They were pretty decent attacking but the sheer amount of running we were doing to pressure them and win the ball back was immense, James McClean probably the best example of that.
made an inform Morecombe side look pedestrian,6-0 didnt flatter us,only downside Forde went off injured, theres allways room for improvement , but if we dont sign anybody in Jan i think we will be go to go with what we got
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