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Default Re: Red Passions - Build the Budget - Part 2

Originally Posted by chuno View Post
Well I was hoping to use my donation to take part in the 'Red for a Day' event, but still no news from Geoff or the club on this
Hi Chuno.....

What is it you need to know from Geoff and/or the club?

My booking is secured, and the shape of our two hours is now finally sorted too, so if you have any questions around all that, i could probably answer

If you were trying to put a team in then its tight timing now isnt it for you as the dates are next monday and a week tomorrow, the saturday

Or were you just asking the club if there are any spare places with any of the teams who have booked?

If its the latter, then i could only partially help.....i have 25 playing, there is one spare sub place in one of our two teams. It means you would not start, but you would deffo get some playing time, as we will make sure all four subs are on before HT, and then we will do roll on roll off after that, but all four subs would stay on for the whole of the rest of the game (unless they were gasping to go off again of course!)

Just a thought for you anyway....

But if you were looking to put a whole team in, i cant help, except to say try to email the club again

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