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Default Re: ebbsfleet ratings

Lainton. 6 had nothing to do
Roberts 7 did ok especially like others in the first half.
Jennings 5 did well until his booking got ripped apart to often in the 2nd half.
Lawlor 8 seeing now why Sam signed him.
Pearson 8 usual Shaun “Captain Fantastic “.
Walker 7 this lad with more games will be pivotal, remember only second game of the season
Summerfield 9 mom what a performance.
Rutherford 8 what an improvement on last season.
Pyle 8 a constant threat with a sublime finish
Bevon 7 getting fitter very intelligent player.
Holroyd 7 took his goal well the old Chris at last.
The Manager 10 couldn’t believe the line up when I saw it but how I and a lot I suspect got it wrong , Sam your proofing a very assured manager.
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