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Default Re: Harrogate Reaction

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post
All things considered, I enjoyed today more than most home games I have seen this season, with the exception of the 5-1 drubbing of Salford. It wasn't perfect but we competed and deservedly won, albeit Harrogate were a bit unlucky at times.

Thought Agustien looked a good footballer, and would probably be a contender to start on Thursday if he could get himself out of second gear. Spyrou has pace and some ability, but he reminded me of Maguire-Drew: poor application. Thought Tharme and Sargent both did OK, and pleased Oswell finally bagged himself a goal. Dibble was my MotM, too: good penalty save, and did well in dreadful conditions.

We are now potentially three wins away from returning to the FL. It certainly won't be easy, but my advice to those fans who are wailing about what might have been: don't look backwards; just look forwards.
Yes agree with this and both teams made a fight of it in atrocious conditions.Did anybody force themselves into contention on Thursday ?
Well I think Pearson, Lawlor (if fit ),Young and Beavon should return and having Walker back would be a bonus.
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