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Originally Posted by Red-C View Post
As a general rule I couldn't care less how any other team gets on apart from Wales and Wrexham and am completely neutral. I am not even arsed about Chester so long as they are forever below us.

However, I make one exception this year and it is I do not want Salford to go up. I hate Tory football clubs like Fylde but I even prefer them to Salford. The media love-in around them and that utter hypocrite Gary Neville in particular makes me vomit and for the good of football and my sanity and the less we hear about them the better.

One underreported aspect of all this is you have Neville 1 who is the most prominent pundit on TV, Neville 2 who is an international manager in the FA (and a prominant pundit), Giggs who is an internal manager in WFA and Scholes (another prominant pundit) all involved.

I still can't quite work out exactly what they are up to but they are certainly up to something dodgy with Peter Lim's billions behind then and when the time comes that we all clock onto what it is it will be either too late or be completely overlooked as there will be no criticial oversight due to the fact it is that lot running them. An official feeder team for Man Utd? Maybe. More likely to be some kind of long term property development project where they "invest" in the local area by further gentrifying Salford by expanding their own property portfolios. It WILL be dodgy.

I loathe them with a passion.
As much as many of us would like the Salford project to fail, I think for our chances next season it would be better to see them not in the National League.
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