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Default Re: Unfit and Improper Owners

Originally Posted by cardiffred View Post
There's nothing inherently wrong in either investment ownership or fan ownership. That's why it's daft to say that fan ownership isn't working for us. Poor decisions made under the investment model got us down in this mess in the first place. Poor decisions made during fan ownership has contributed to us still being down here.
Poor decisions as far as the implications for the club were concerned, but for the people who made the decisions, not so poor, considering they departed with some major assets which were once owned by the club. That is the difference to me. With fan ownership, you can be sure the club is being run for the benefit of the club. If a decision is made by the current board, whether right or wrong, you can be sure they are not motivated by self-enrichment. With so-called Sugar Daddies, you always have to ask what their motive is. The likes of what Hamilton/Guterman & Moss/Roberts did should not be forgotten, regardless of what we do in the future.

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