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Default Re: Best ever Non League team

Originally Posted by REDJB View Post
Doesn't cost anything bringing players in to have a look at. People say he used X amount of players..... How many have we used this season? Must be easily north of 30. Some brought in, not even good enough to make the squad.
His strike record for traillsits was very good. Can't think of any that we've had that have been a success since he left...... Let alone sold on for money or went on to play in the league.
I think it's 29 as far as I can work out. Not including Thorn and Sargent.

He had the money to do it, it would have been strange if he didn't. I just think it's interesting he wasn't afraid to take risks on players with dodgy pasts, or no direct experience of the league we were in.
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