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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Fair enough but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. They should be judged on where they have taken the club IMO and that's nowhere, backwards if anything. Its all about the football and success or at least visible progress for me.

Lets not forget the January fiasco, Manny contract secret and their manipulation of 'good news' to win favour with fans. Poor management of the stadium and ignoring any criticism with silence. John Mills antics with fezbob and other dreadful behaviour which in any normal company would have seen him sacked.

This off the field everything is dandy line doesn't wash with me. We can't even keep hold of a manager for one season so that also backs that up.
I think those of us with the "off the field is dandy" stance do not disagree with how poorly the board have dealt with the football management aspect. I have been very vocal in that during times of mismanagement. But the club extends beyond the football as far as management goes and I do think that needs to be taken into account when deciding if they're fit to run things. In my eyes, they have done enough to justify retaining their position.

But, and I can't emphasise this enough, I 100% agree they should have the football team management taken away and given to someone who can handle it better. The January fiasco was one of the most embarrassing things I've witnessed and I don't want to see it happen ever again.