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Originally Posted by EnglishRed View Post
They probably have. I'm sure they check social media, they certainly should be doing that. I don't think it's unreasonable for people to be asking what's happening with injured players either. Some information may need to be managed but in general I think fans should be updated with that sort of thing.

I hope you are wrong about Lainton! We knew he had issues with injuries and I suppose we were lucky last season. Same with Smith.
If Lainton is out for a further sustained period then surely we are looking at the loan market to fetch somebody in?

Manny Smith has always been one of our top players when in the team. Lawlor isn’t at the same level and Chambers is even further behind. Even Pearson with all his leadership qualities, doesn’t possess the same footballing ability as Smith.

I think the defence has looked shaky this season with a goalkeeper they lack confidence in behind them, and without the deep lying midfielder in-front. We’ve looked more likely to score at the other end, but the midfield has often been left exposed on the counter.

Tactically we’ve not got it right and recruitment on the whole has been poor. Yes, we have signed Hooper who has scored goals elsewhere at this level but Macintosh, Barton, Bobb, Chambers, Redmond have all shown very little. Rutherford was retained who again is a fill in player at best.