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Originally Posted by stalybridge sheepshagger View Post

Yes, bring in an investor and you’ll rise through the leagues -NOT!

Bury have already gone, Bolton will be relegated, Macclesfield are deep in debt and being sued by their players. Orient came tumbling down after being taken over by an Italian Del-boy, now Oldham are staring at administration and a 10 point deduction.
Even if we go down, we still have a functioning and viable club

What connection are you to the imbeciles running the club, is it the Board or WST? Not that their is much of a difference when some sit on both boards.

And that's the biggest problem in our structure of so called fan ownership a clique of Billy Big balls playing at running a football club scratching each others backs like Mills getting the deciding vote from Pete the Bus.

It's being run like a dictatorship,

Radicalised fan's like yourself is our biggest problem, going by your post you're happy just to have a club no matter how far we drop.

I don't have a problem with fan ownership in principle, but ours being run for the few not the many.