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Default Re: Happy Anniversary Dean Keates!

Originally Posted by northwalian dragon View Post
On this day in 2018 Dean Keates spectacularly ditched us with us so close to the end of the season

How are you celebrating this special day?

And how will you celebrate when he's finally booted out of the club?
Well....................... its time to "Wake Up", it is a full flowing "River of deceit", the "Lifeless Dead" are still here, this proves "I don't know anything" but when he does go we'll all be celebrating his "Long Gone Day"

PS He wont go, the board will not get rid, we will be very lucky to not go down, if we do not, we'll have another season of him sadly
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Llion sleeps tonight, WUMs away ........... WUMs away
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