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Default Re: Ratings vs the Pools

Originally Posted by Ddraigoch View Post
Lainton 7 - kept us in it first half but went walk about 2nd half

Horsfield 6 - was turned over a few times 1st half but like others better in the 2nd half
Kelleher 7 - he came with a big reputation and for the first time tonight, I thought he was decent.
Vassell 6 - needs to attack it more but better 2nd half
Reckord 6 - was asleep 1st half but woke up 2nd half

Durrell 7 - good goal and his tracking back was decent
Young 6 - was anonymous on times but never shirked a tackle
Harris 6 - I think the days of the former JH are behind him - sorry he doesn't look fit to me
Rutherford 5 - I'm not one for having a go at players but his cross in the 2nd half was woeful

Thomas 6 - knocked the ball on for Durrell to score so you could argue he did his job. Didn't do anything else mind.
Ponticelli 5 - didn't touch the ball for the first 15 minutes - he has so much about him but needs to bring his A game

Yussuf 6 - provided more of a threat up front
Hall-Johnson 6 - this boy could be another Obeng but needs to apply himself.

A win is a win is a win
spot on there DC, might have given Vassell an extra point but basically you saved me typing out the whole thing